• What is included in my rent?

    The quoted rent price varies by unit. Please refer to the utility addendum in your lease to verify which utilities you are responsible for.

  • Are there any leasing fees?

    Yes, there are two leasing fees. The Application Fee ($45 per applicant) is due at the time you apply for your apartment. This is a fee charged to cover the cost of screening of each prospective resident. The Administration Fee ($175 per resident) is a one-time fee charged at lease signing.

    We accept the following payment types: debit/credit card, automatic withdrawal, eCheck, or pay with a money order at the Leasing Office. We do not accept cash or personal checks in the Leasing Office.

  • How do I set up my utilities?

    If you have not contacted the applicable utility companies, you will need to do so before your lease starts. If the corresponding utilities are not put in the name of someone in the unit, you will be charged $75 per bill, per month for violating the terms of the lease. Please find their contact information below:

    • Gas service: Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) (215) 235-2050, www.pgworks.com
    • Electric Service: Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO) (800) 494-4000, www.peco.com
    • Internet Service, PhillyNet: (215) 243-5100, service@campustechnologies.net, www.phillynet.net
    • Xfinity / Comcast: (800) 266-2278, www.comcast.com or www.xfinity.com

    *Please note: if you are residing in Walnut Hill (4111 Walnut Street), your electric account has already been set up by Campus Apartments and you will receive a bill from Energy Management Systems for your electric usage.

  • Are Flexible lease terms offered?

    Generally, we offer standard 12-month leases which run from summer-summer. We can sometimes offer leases 6-11 months, but all of our leases must end May-August. Please reach out to our leasing office to discuss options and availability.

  • What are my security deposit options?

    Campus Apartments will process a credit, criminal and background screening for all applicants. Security Deposit is dependent on the results of this screening, but could be as low as a $250 refundable deposit and up to a full months’ rent. We do not run credit check on students with verifiable current student status.

  • Do I need renter’s insurance?

    Yes, every Campus Apartments resident will need to provide proof of renter’s insurance before moving in. You will not receive keys to your unit until proof of insurance is provided. Your lease requires you have a minimum of $300,000.00 in liability coverage. If you do not have a preferred insurance provider, Campus Apartments recommends Homebody, which can be completed via the website and/or phone number below:

    Please be sure your insurance stays in good standing for the entirety of your tenancy with Campus Apartments, as you will be billed $50 monthly for any prematurely cancelled or lapsed coverage.

  • Is the community pet friendly?

    While most of Campus Apartments’ units are not pet friendly, we do have pet friendly buildings available. Please contact the office for more detailed information on our pet friendly buildings, pet policy and associated fees along with any other questions you may have.

  • Is parking available?

    Yes, parking options vary with location. Campus Apartments is able to offer assigned spaces for a monthly fee. Spaces are limited and are given on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • When is rent due/how do I pay rent?

    Rent is due on the 1st of every month; however there is a grace period until the 3rd. On the 4th, rent is considered late and subject to a fee (10% of the balance due accrued monthly). For your convenience, you can pay online via your Resident Portal (click on PAY RENT under the RESIDENTS section of our website). We accept the following payment types: debit/credit card, automatic withdrawal, Echeck, or pay with a money order at the Leasing Office. We do not accept cash or personal checks in the Leasing Office.

  • What if I have a maintenance issue in my unit?

    Non-emergency service requests can be submitted in any of the following ways: Submit a Service Request online using the Resident Portal, Call the office and speak with a Campus Apartments’ team member or leave a message if your call is after the office is closed. For emergency situations (major water leaks, toilet back-up’s in one-bathroom units, AC or Heating issues during weather extremes, non-functioning refrigerators, electrical outages, gas leaks and fire) we are available 24/7 at (215) 382-1300, option 3.

  • Are furnished units provided?

    Campus Apartments offers both furnished and unfurnished units. Please refer to the leasing office for these options. If the unit you are interested in is not one of Campus Apartments’ furnished units, we do work with several different furniture rental companies that we would be happy to refer you to.

  • How do I receive mail and packages?

    Mail – Resident mail is delivered by the US Postal Service to your assigned mailbox. At move-in, you will receive a mailbox key. When you move-out, if you want to have your mail forwarded, you will need to complete a Change of Address Form with the local US Post Office or by visiting their website.

    Packages – Packages should be delivered directly to your building or you may have packages delivered to any Amazon locker or local delivery center.

  • When is my lease renewal deadline?

    If you are interested in renewing your lease, this must be done no later than the renewal deadline on the first page of your lease agreement. After this date, your lease will be placed on the availability listing for the following lease term and will be toured by our leasing office with potential future tenants.

  • How do I submit a Furniture Accommodation Request (FAR) form (formally referred to as an As-Is form)?

    An FAR is used to ensure furniture is able to remain in the unit in between leases and lease terms. This is not applicable to people or personal effects, only major furniture items. Please download the FAR, follow the steps on the form, sign it physically and return the form via email to caphila.leasing@campusapts.com. The title of the email should be FAR, *Your Address*. All attachments should be in one email. The deadline to turn this form in is April 1st. Forms submitted incompletely or after April 1st will not be considered or approved.

    Furniture Accommodation Request

  • What steps should I take before moving out when my lease ends?

    1. Make sure your account balance is zero. You can do this online via www.livecampusapts.residentportal.com.

    2. Return all keys to the office before 12:00 p.m. (noon) on your lease end date. This can be found on your lease agreement. There is a charge for keys not returned. Keys should be placed in a sealed envelope, labeled and placed in the drop box located outside of the Campus Apartments Leasing Office.

    3. Download the Security Deposit Release form on this page and return it to our office via email (caphila.leasing@campusapts.com) prior to your move-out. Only one check will be issued to one designated individual from your unit. This is the only way we can process security deposit refunds. Failure to return this form will severely delay the return of your security deposit.

    4. All furniture is to be removed from the premises. Your unit must be cleaned before vacating. You will be charged a fee to remove items and/or cleaning! No exceptions.

    5. Remember to cancel all utilities & forward all mail to your new address.


  • How do I sublease my unit?

    Please download the sublease form on this page, follow the steps, sign the form, and return the form in an email to caphila.leasing@campusapts.com. Keep in mind there is a fee associated with subleasing (this can be found on your lease agreement) and subleases must be approved by the general manager. Your account balance must be zero prior to this approval being given.


  • Can I cancel my lease?

    No, your lease does not allow for cancellation. If you would like to permanently remove yourself from your lease agreement, you will need to re-let your unit. Please keep in mind there is a fee associated with re-letting. You will need to find a qualifying prospect to take your lease over for you, your account balance must be zero, and the re-let must be approved by the general manager. Please email your re-let request to caphila.leasing@campusapts.com.